Rocket League has a few phases. While the majority of them just have corrective contrasts from each other, a chosen few change the playing field. The reward: To this point, the sum total of what stages have been added to the game for nothing out of pocket.

Each phase beneath has the great rectangular design:

  • DFH Stadium
  • DFH Stadium (frigid)
  • Urban Central
  • Urban Central (night)
  • Mannfield
  • Mannfield (stormy)
  • Beckwith Park
  • Beckwith Park (stormy)
  • Beckwith Park (12 PM)
  • Ideal world Coliseum
  • Ideal world Coliseum (nightfall)

At that point there are the phases that adjust the field. These two have wormed their way into serious play:

  • No man’s land
  • Neo Tokyo
  • No man’s land

No man’s land has bigger limits and is marginally more extensive and longer than customary fields. It likewise inclines toward the focal point of the field, making it a lot simpler to focus balls. Balls that are hit hard around corners will in general drop directly before the objective, so be aware of that when on both barrier and offense. As a result of its size, Wasteland can be an agony to play 1v1. Since it favors offense, it very well may be amusing to play 2v2 or 3v3.


Neo Tokyo is the uttermost takeoff from Rocket League’s customary maps. It’s new, so individuals are as yet getting its hang. Neo Tokyo includes somewhat more slow play than different stages for a couple of reasons. It has an upper level on both the privilege and left sides. It requires some investment for the vehicles to find a good pace level, which additionally eases back things down. Buy cheap blueprints at Aoeah!

Don’t just drive up the inclines to the upper level. You’ll go airborne at the top, and you need to recover your wheels on the ground. Rather than driving, twofold bounce to the top. You’ll arrive quicker and will have the option to all the more effectively make a play ready.


Rocket League includes progressively exploratory maps called Rocket Labs. They have a few wacky maps that definitely change the format. Since none of them are included in serious play, bounce into the easygoing playlist and look at them.

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