There are several boost pickups across the field. In the corners and sides, even orbs give you 100%. Using boost is essential because of this you can move yourself as quickly as possible over the field, and get to the right place at the right time. Sometimes it is even more important to replenish your boost meter than to hit the ball. Therefore, plan your routes smartly and learn to recognize the right moments to tear a little to that corner for a full tank.


The familiar pass back will rarely need you in Rocket League. In fact, you place yourself on the wrong side of the ball and it may be impossible to block an inevitable attack from the opponent. Try to stay between the ball and your own goal at all times and make sure that you always have some spare boost in returning to your own goal in emergency situations. Front / backflips (double jump in a certain direction) also help with this.

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Destroy them

A handy trick to create some space or break a counter attack is to temporarily disable your opponent. You can do this by touching them at high speed. Activate your boost, and after about a second you notice that you are breaking a kind of noise barrier. This is the sign that you drive hard enough to change another player into a cloud of dust. After a satisfactory explosion, they will respond to their own goal.

Learn from others

Do not forget to watch YouTube and Twitch from other Rocket League players every now and then. This way you quickly pick up new tactics that you can apply to your own matches again. Pots of famous streamers on Twitch like Lirik and Sodapoppin are also very entertaining to check their hilarious comments. Pretty good players like Kronovi and Gibbs are less humorous, but show the more ‘mad skills’. With these guests it seems to be super easy, until you try it yourself.


Rocket League is pure fun. Whether you play online with strangers or with some guests on the couch, you’re sure to scream at every goal you make (almost). Keep challenging yourself by practicing new moves and trying out new attacks. In the shortest time, you will make impressive rocket powered aerial shots to leave you unused.

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