If you’re not good enough for that (which will certainly be the case at the beginning), keep your position on the line. Is there a high ball on? No panic, with a good-looking double jump you will almost always get high enough to tuck the ball away. Outing is always an option, and sometimes a very good one, but we have too often experienced a goalkeeper who fails to miss the ball. Certainly at the start of the game: stay well in your comfort zone. What a save!
Rocket League is a contact sport: beech on it

A goalkeeper may be as good, he or she is rarely fed up with a body check. Beech is key in Rocket League. Sometimes it’s more convenient to beat players than to go for the ball. You create space for teammates and defeat the opponent’s defense.

In addition, beech is very suitable for trolling an opponent. Do not forget about the importance of psychological warfare. It is equally important to spam “Nice shot!” After an opponent scores his own goal.

Tip: Forwarding to Rocket League often gives you sideways through the wall of the playing field, as the ball ends in the center of the goal, where fellow players can fill the ball against the proverbial ropes. Once you’ve given such a boost or see something, continue on to the goal area to ward off defenders. The space you create there makes it easier for teammates to anticipate on the moving front.

Hand brake and the barrel roll

The handbrake is important in Rocket League, given the handbrake allows you to speed up quickly. It also looks like a bad ass to turn your axis into your own goal and then immediately as a keeper to stand your man. But good, sometimes the hand brake is not an option. The barrel roll is then a great alternative.

The barrel roll is useful for two reasons. You make it happen if you are close to the goal line, as taught in the tutorials of the game. But the barrel roll also allows you to counter counter. Keeping in with the boost button keeps track of the goal, moving back into the playing field through the ‘roof’ of the goal. Often you come to bed on your roof. By tapping the barrel when you leave the goal, you can not get on your roof, but on four wheels. It’s almost impossible to use a counter faster.

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Aerials are for the pro

You are going to encounter them: people flying over the playing field. In Rocket League you can launch your car and air in the sky by holding the boost button after a jump. Aerials can be incredibly impressive, but let them pass on to those who know what they are doing.

Rocket League

The reason is simple: whoever starts to fly and then misses the ball, has not been involved in the game for seconds. In addition to enormous annoyance, it often also creates a counterpoint.

Flying is essential in Rocket League, especially at a really high level. For who can fly, any ball is at your fingertips. In fact, who can fly can make any goal of any ball. But well, you must know what you are doing. So practice the most difficult aerial tutorial. Good luck.

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